December 29, 2021

This Is How You Can Gamble When You Are Broke!

Ethan Lim
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Just because you might be broke does not mean you cannot gamble! There are ways to play fun gambling games without putting any mo ney on the line.

This Is How You Can Gamble When You Are Broke!

Here are some strategies and games which are still available to you.


The odds in keno are indeed among the worst you’ll find. It’s like they say, “Beggars can’t be choosers.”

When you’re broke, your options become much more limited. Sometimes, you’ll head to the casino flush with cash, but through poor bankroll management, the well dries up before the trip ends.

The keno room can be an excellent place to spend hours gambling for a minimal investment.

Free Spins

Online casinos are famous for their bonuses. Among the most exciting bonuses is the free spins.

Having free spins in the hopper could spell the difference between standing on the sidelines and playing your favorite games. Best of all, the free spins could result in winning some real money.

Hopefully, money that is freed up to go into your gambling bankroll.

Home Poker Games

Poker is such a fun game to play - and the great thing about it is you don’t need to have money to do it! You can play home poker games without any money on the line.

You can’t hardly sit down at a casino poker table for $20. However, you can clear the laundry off of the dining table, call up 5-7 of your closest friends, and bring the poker game home.

Friendly Betting on Sports With Friends

Here’s a theme for you. Enjoy the game for the thrill with your mates and don't rely on a financial gain.

Betting on sports was the first foray into gambling for many of us. We’d place a wager on the Super Bowl or World Series with our neighbor and eagerly watch the contest unfold on television.

The possibilities are endless, and you can be as cheap as you care to be with them. I once bet a stranger in a pub 25 cents on the second half of a blowout NRL game.

I can’t remember who won, but I’ll never forget the laughs we had and the creative insults that were exchanged.

Play Tournaments

These are very low buy-ins which can yield very big payouts. The odds are very thin, but nonetheless exciting!

Casino slots tournaments happen several times a week. For a minimal buy-in, the player has hours of exciting gaming fun.

Often, the prizes for such events are 50x or more for a low entry fee. So, netting a win could float you for months.

The tournament is an excellent avenue for players bordering on broke and who want to keep their toes in the sand a little longer.


The big rule from this is that if you have gone broke from gambling then perhaps gambling is not for you. But if you are just trying to make the last bit of money go the longest way it can than this list is perfect for you to gamble while close to broke!

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