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Keno is a popular lottery-style game in online gaming circles. Players do not require specific skills or extensive knowledge to play, a fact that makes this game highly appealing. Online punters are always eager to play keno games, and as such, the number of opportunities availed to them keeps growing.

With new online casinos gracing the online gaming landscape, Keno fans no longer have to form long queues at retailer outlets to get their tickets. However, Keno players should always check the new online casino carefully before joining rather than playing at any online casino that they come across. Playing at the best new keno online casinos is the only way a player can be assured of a seamless gaming experience.

Play Keno Today - Win Real Money
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Play Keno online

Most online players are keen to choose reputable casino operators over new casino sites. However, many new online casinos are fast turning tables because of their standout benefits over their older counterparts.

Any keno player keen to play on new online casino sites should limit their options to the best keno new casinos in 2024. Signing up at an online casino allows players to take advantage of generous incentives and superior gaming features. Moreover, these new casinos offer a wide selection of keno variants to cater to diverse player preferences.

Best Keno bonuses

Keno bonuses make a world of difference when playing at any online casino. In the case of new online casinos, keno players are treated with various lucrative bonuses. That said, here are some of the best new casino bonuses availed to keno punters.

Sign-up bonus

Almost all online casinos offer new players a sign-up bonus. The best part about this bonus is that it helps new players grow their bankroll by signing up and depositing money. In most cases, these bonuses are offered as a match bonus.

No-Deposit bonus

Many new online casinos present no-deposit bonuses to allow keno punters to play without using their money. In most instances, this bonus is offered to let players decide whether they like a site or not.

Deposit match bonus

This casino bonus promises to match a player's deposit amount by a certain amount or percentage. For instance, a casino offering a 100% match bonus up to $100 promises to double any deposit made up to the $100 amount.

Cashback bonus

Most punters know that there will be more losses than wins unless they are super lucky. Casino operators are also aware of this fact. Cashback bonuses are usually offered as a fraction of the funds that a player loses while playing online.

How to play Keno

Kenos popularity is undoubtedly pegged on its easy-to-play concept. The gameplay can be as simple as choosing some numbers and hoping to be featured in the winning combination.

Most keno games are played with a pool of 80 numbers, which is a testament that the odds are not necessarily the best. However, there is also 20-Spot keno, one of the most popular keno variants, that lets players pick up to 20 numbers or less.

Keno offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of the wager size. Players can wager with as low as $1 to hundreds of dollars or even more. The payout is then determined by the size of your bet against the number of correct picks.

Ideally, playing the keno can be summarized as a follows:

  • Select number of spots to play and numbers
  • Input the wager amount
  • Choose the number of drawings, and
  • Get your ticket and wait for the draw.

Keno rules

Keno is played with 80 numbered balls in a transparent container span to draw the lucky numbers. Players can pick anything between 1, 2, 10, 15, or 20 numbers from the 80. In the case of new online casinos, 20 numbers are randomly selected, and the payouts are awarded based on the number of balls the players can match. However, the game's rule and draw procedures often vary at different new online casino sites.

Online Keno strategy

Keno is a game of chance. This essentially means that there is no way that a player can influence or affect a game's outcome. Unlike most new online casino games, being strategic goes beyond playing a single round. Keno players should be keen to add an elaborate structure to their gameplay. Most players who have managed to get lucky 'consistently' attribute their success to taking control over the game - bankroll management and curbing the urge to go big too early.

Keno tips for beginners

As mentioned before, winning keno is a matter of luck. Any player who wishes to add some skill to the game should take this word with a grain of salt. For a fact, keno outcomes are based on a random number generator (RNG), and there are clear patterns that players can leverage.

Of course, some tips help make the most out of any gaming session. Here are some basic suggestions that could prove helpful when applied by any new player to keno.

  • Play at reputable new online casinos: New keno players should only play at casinos licensed and regulated by credible regulatory bodies.
  • Play for free: Before a player starts playing with their hard-earned cash, it is in the best interests to try out free new online casino games, and this comes in handy for a game like keno.
  • Wager with bonuses: New online casinos offer generous bonuses. Keno players should certainly take advantage of these incentives.
  • Stick to the budget: Players playing real money keno should be guided by a budget and play to their limits. This also applies to punters playing different new casino games online.
  • Pay attention to the payouts: Anyone new to keno should embrace the fact that the best new casino games online are those with a low house edge and big payouts. Thus, keno players must start by identifying favorable games, probably those that pay for fewer numbers.

Advanced Keno tips

Certain things separate experienced keno players from beginners. For starters, the strategies employed while playing new online casino games such as keno revolve around the gameplay or player picks. Here are some strategies that inform the actions of experienced keno players.

Studying Keno Tables

Experienced players understand the fact that the players' choices determine keno payouts. Players who choose to wager a few numbers can win smaller amounts more often. For instance, a single selection could land a player a 3X win, whereas ten correct picks could qualify them to up to 1800 the amount wagered.

Focusing on Hot Numbers

This system involves betting on numbers that are drawn often. The numbers drawn on previous draws have zero influence on future draws. However, there is no harm in choosing them, considering that each number has an equal chance of being picked in any draw.

Double-Up Strategy

There will always be some practical strategies employed when playing new online casino games to aid in potentially winning back losses, such as the double-up keno strategy. This strategy essentially involves doubling previously lost bets. However, players using this strategy are advised to set betting limits for better control.

Bet on the Bonus Ball

Betting on the bonus ball is a simple way to win keno often. However, some keno variants might not have one. Experienced players always ensure they play keno games with a bonus ball as it improves the chances of winning. The bonus ball is often costly to bet on, but it is certainly worth it when it pays.

Overall, there is not a sure winning formula in keno. However, being strategic improves a player's chances. It all boils down to understanding the workings of the game and having the discipline to walk away when it is deemed necessary.

Keno Odds

It is worth emphasizing the odds in keno are determined by the number of balls a player selects. Understanding odds comes in handy in helping a player decide on the numbers to pick and the amounts to wager.

When it comes keno payouts, the amount received is not only determined by the odds but the number of "hits." Ideally, players qualify for a greater payout if they can choose more drawn numbers.

For instance, if a player decides to pick ten numbers in a standard 20-ball keno game, the odds will be as follows:

Correct PicksOdds
108 911 711 : 1
9163 381 : 1
87384 : 1
7621 : 1
687 : 1
519 : 1
022 : 1

Based on this sample outcome table, the odds of making ten correct picks is quite high, and so are the expected payouts. However, any keno player should understand that the odds vary depending on the casino. Knowledge of odds in any new online casino game is essential as it helps players understand what to expect.

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