July 2, 2021

Six Personalities to Avoid in a Casino

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Casinos offer more than just the opportunity to strike it rich; they create an exciting environment that attracts all sorts of people. Unfortunately, some of these people have personalities that disrupt and irritate other casino goers. Apart from the convenience offered, avoiding such people could be one reason why online casinos are so popular. Here are some personality types that you can avoid when you visit online casinos.

Six Personalities to Avoid in a Casino

The Nervous Nellie

This is the player with uncontrolled anxiety levels that ruins their casino experience and that of those around them. They can be identified by how jittery, jumpy, and visibly uncomfortable they are when placing a bet or awaiting the outcome of a wager. Symptoms include nervous foot-tapping, profuse sweating, and rocking their body from side to side. Not only is this behavior distracting, but it can also be contagious by making other players nervous as well.

The ‘Expert’ Onlooker

Every casino has one or more of this type of spectator. They usually find a spot next to their favorite games from where they will observe the day’s activities without participating. They tend to prefer new casino games. From this vantage point, they will make comments regarding ongoing games, usually to no one in particular. This unsolicited advice and commentary ranges from strategies that players could have used and other ‘tips’ they could have successfully employed if they were in the game. This can be annoying after a while.

The Annoying Drunk

The description says it all. This is the type of person that has already had too much to drink but still insists on being on the casino floor. Being stuck with one of these at a table immediately makes the gaming experience unpleasant.

The ‘Pro’

This is another personality type who is represented in almost all casinos. The ‘pro’ is someone who grossly overestimates his or her skill level. They usually cite certain books, tutorials, razor-sharp intellect, or a lucky break at some game in their past as the reason for their apparent elite skill level. They usually become overbearing and annoying at games due to these delusions of grandeur.

The Short Fuse

Even the most well-adjusted individual can be frustrated when they are experiencing a particularly disappointing losing streak. And as all gamblers know, losing streaks are an inevitable part of the casino experience. It is very annoying to be in the close vicinity of someone with a short temper who is having a frustrating night at the tables. These people with uncontrollable rage make everything revolve around themselves, disrupting everyone else’s ‘flow.’ It takes just one of these to ruin the entire casino’s atmosphere.

The Slob

Casinos, at least the popular ones, tend to be crowded. This is why slobs, who pay very little attention to their personal hygiene, can be such a grating presence. Most of these slobs also tend to be generally socially unaware, making them more likely to invade other people’s personal spaces.


While the online casino experience can’t match the atmosphere in brick-and-mortar establishments, the trade-off is that players get to avoid interacting with these annoying, disruptive, and unpleasant personality types.

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