May 23, 2021

Smart Gamblers Strategies to Win Jacks or Better

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Gambling can be challenging, the best way to win from it is learning from winning gamblers and imitating their strategies. Most of them who bring home the bacon play either Jacks or Better video poker. Some of these pro gamblers refer to NewCasinos using specific strategies to improve their returns. Currently, most gamblers do not know how to implement these strategies effectively.

Smart Gamblers Strategies to Win Jacks or Better

This guide reveals the essential tips needed to win at online casinos when playing smart Jacks or Better games.

1. 9/6 or Nothing

When playing poker online, finding a platform with the best pay tables is the first challenge. Most websites have different tables, with varied returns. Jacks or Better has only one pay table compared to other video poker games. Therefore, if a player cannot find online casinos that offer this single pay table, he/she shouldn't play. But when playing on a site that offers this table, a player gets over 99.5% returns in the long run.

2. The Importance of Simple Jacks or Better

Using a 9/6 paytable to play Jacks or Better video poker on a website is not enough. Whichever online platform its played from, it is not just about getting a better return, but getting maximum returns. To achieve maximum return, apply the strategy on each hand. Any Jacks or Better a gambler choose has one way of playing it with the highest percentage of returns. Using an online strategy chart will help list the best method of playing every hand.

3. Play Jacks or Better Online

A bettor may be wondering what platform is a Jacks or Better best played – online or land-based. Without further delay, there’s a couple of reason why playing online or in mobile casinos is more beneficial. Firstly, it is extremely easy to find real money online casinos that offer a 9/6 pay table. Secondly, consider the mobility of the video poker on smart device compared to the typical land-based machines.

4. Forget Time and Focus on Hands

Most smart gamblers use this strategy to control their losses. It’s known as the “tricks and tactics” strategy, which they use to trim down the amount they bet in a long time. For instance, instead of betting $200 in one hour, they bet $100 instead. This method cuts down their losses in one hour by half.

Implementing this strategy in Jack or Better also helps a wagerer reduce his losses by playing slower or betting less in an hour. However, instead of counting the number of hours played, it is better to count the number of hands played. Therefore, focusing on each hand of Jacks or Better gets a player closer to hitting a royal flush.

5. Find out the Best Bonus for a Jacks or Better

Playing Jacks or Better online offers a bonus but determining if the bonus is good or bad becomes difficult. While it’s not ideal to claim all bonuses, smart gamblers know how to identify good ones. Here’s the strategy, the amount a player would risk to clear a bonus determines its authenticity. For a 100% bonus, if the playthrough is above 100x, consider it bad. However, if the playthrough is less than 100x, it’s a good bonus.


A smart gambler understands that gambling on Jacks or Better is better experienced online. Playing the game on any platform of the online casinos with 9/6 pay table guarantees possible returns.

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